How you plan to return, exchange or refund on Amazon


It is not rare now as compared to the old days, but I’ll show you how to be returned or exchanged at Amazon.

If not using the item “return” (refund)
And if you are using a commodity “exchange”

If you make a DIY PC, you may want to exchange returned goods, such as initial failure.

A simple flow, to the Amazon links below.

Select → returned or exchanged products to access → Login → purchase

Procedure of returned or exchanged procedures

It will be “exchange” because I think in the case of DIY PC, and realize that from crossed.

If not, you could be you did not start wiring to match, need to doubt the initial failure.

The “motherboard”, “video card” parts often initial failure is the most (graphics board).

Likely to have failed initial failure Spare parts for others are low.

I think “hard disk” it’s “power” as a runner-up barely.

It is possible to exchange if it is within 30 days if it is a legitimate reason not to start even from crossed.

In the case that can not be exchanged in the Amazon by slow to notice, and “telephone number”, “guarantee” also should contain the instructions and box came with the its parts.

Parts of the majority, you’re good from someone’s standpoint therefore contact is accepting exchange support about a year 1 month, 3 months, if usually in short ones.

I also took advantage of several times in the past, but also Amazon, company of PC parts also for us to respond politely.