How to use the Amazon


For those who have never been using Amazon, I’ll show you how to use, how to use the Amazon.

It was a specialty store of the “book” originally with Amazon, but to cosmetics from food from consumer electronics, it is now handled almost all genre in the last few years.

Even at the price ranking of PC parts, we have reigned # 1 without a large consumer electronics retailer in cheap now.

This is cheaper Amazon from being price competitive with the world.

In competition only your neighborhood next to each other only in Japan, electronics stores in Japan, because it treats the price prohibitively high while watching the feet of the audience, such as cheaper in price competition with the world it does not.

That point, Amazon offers a less expensive and price competition with the world through the Internet. ↓

Orders for the first time (Amazon)

As it is also written to Amazon official of the above,
Save to the cart and click the insert in the upper right corner in the “shopping cart” Basically,
And press the “Checkout” → to do I press to “confirm the order”.

I think to create an account after you press the “Checkout”, selection for settlement method will appear, but a good to idea to either “cash” and “credit card” at first. (Your choice of course)

In humans for the first time, there may be resistance at first, but there is no big deal if Mire doing.

Amazon is so long-established Internet shop, warranty returned or exchanged in the case of emergency also substantial than anywhere else.

By all means, please use.

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